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Your brand is arguably your most valuable asset.

Failing to defend your brand names on the Internet can seriously impact operations, interrupt revenue, and damage the reputation of your business.

BrandShelter offers solutions to ensure the safety of your domain name portfolio from malicious activity online. Through BrandShelter’s set of tools and services, manage your domain names while proactively defending trademarks and protecting your identity on the Internet.

Domain Services

BrandShelter provides extensive domain services to facilitate the registration of domain names under all TLDs worldwide and the management of your domain name portfolio.

Brand Protection

BrandShelter assists you with executive-level support for protecting your brands and trademarks by safely and securely administering your corporate domain portfolio.


BrandShelter offers a comprehensive set of monitoring solutions to effectively and proactively discover, mitigate, and defend against the abuse of your company’s brands and trademarks.

Let BrandShelter protect your brand online!

Services Overview

Bring your domains under the protective stronghold of BrandShelter


Allow BrandShelter to protect your names by managing your portfolio of domains and you will never miss a domain name renewal. Our experts will transfer your domains securely into Key-Systems’ care. BrandShelter manages and protects your precious domain assets.

Worldwide Domain Registration Brand Protection


Detection of threatening web activity is more important than ever. Allow BrandShelter`s monitoring services to identify infringing websites that are exploiting your good name, detect repeat offenders, and discover risky registration practices your company may have used in the past.

Monitoring Services Our Workshops


Not sure your domain portfolio is optimized? Let BrandShelter`s Account Management Team analyse your domain portfolio to discover risky registration practices, under-utilized domain names, and TLDs that are critical to your business. 

With us your domains are safe! Benefit from our workshops!


Has another party registered a name that is important to your business strategy? BrandShelter can help you acquire domains from third parties. Is someone infringing on a brand you own? BrandShelter can recover your names, notify the owner of the infringement, or file a complaint. Let`s work together to devise and implement a solid Domain Management Strategy.

Domain Acquisition Assistance with domain disputes

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BrandShelter's web interface allows you to centrally manage and consolidate your entire domain portfolio in one user-optimized application which simplifies functions such as domain registration, domain transfer, brand management and monitoring. Check it out!

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