David Goldstein - Why You Need To Keep Domain Name Registrant Data Up to Date


    There are several reasons why domain name registrants should keep their contact details, or WHOIS data, up to date, and ICANN has published a blog post explaining why Registrars such as Key-Systems will periodically send their registrants, those who register a domain name, an email asking you to check your data. Don’t ignore it. Registrants need to review the contact information and alert their registrar if the information is out-of-date.

    Some of the reasons for ensuring the contact information for your domain name is correct are:

    • When it’s getting close to time to renew your domain name registration, registrars such as Key-Systems will email you to let you know. Without the correct information we can’t contact you and your domain name may expire.
    • Should there be changes to your domain name registration details, your registrar will email you to let you know. If the changes were made by bad actors using malicious means to gain access to your account, such as making changes to your domain name registration and contact information, you may find you’re locked out of your account and your domain name hijacked. Without the correct contact information, we can’t get in touch to let you know of any changes, malicious or to confirm those done by you.
    • If the information associated with your domain name registration is wrong on purpose, or it’s not updated, there is a chance your registrar can suspend or even cancel your domain name registration. This could also happen if you don't respond to inquiries from your registrar such as if they contact you about the accuracy of your contact information.

    So as a domain name registrant it is important you let us know as soon as possible if there are any changes to your contact information to prevent disruption or loss of your domain name registration.

    There are also occasionally bad actors who will contact registrants with offers. Usually these are either expensive, unnecessary or even fraudulent such as phishing attacks. So due to the prevalence of security concerns, if you have any doubt or questions about the legitimacy of emails about your registration data, please contact us.