David Goldstein - .PL Adds Security With Registry Lock


    Poland’s ccTLD has added an extra layer of security with the addition of an optional extra layer of security, a Registry Lock. Registry Lock’s are available for many top-level domains and protect against accidental or criminal changes to a domain name record, or even a takeover.

    Registry Lock’s such as that being implemented by Poland’s country code top-level domain manager, NASK, help prevent unauthorised or accidental administrative changes to a domain name, attempted deletion or takeover due to, for example, a cyberattack, error or unauthorised action of third parties. The service prevents executing certain actions on a domain name without the explicit consent of the registrant.

    To request a Registry Lock, registrants need to contact their registrar such as BrandShelter. It is available for a nominal additional fee, but the benefit to business who demand security and stability of their online presence and related services, is of key importance.

    The .pl Registry Lock blocks the following activities unless authorised:

    • removal of a paid domain name
    • change of subscriber’s data
    • change of the domain name’s subscriber
    • ability to transfer the service to another registrar
    • ability to change the delegation of a domain name
    • ability to delete and change IP of a name server established in the locked domain name so far it is entered in the delegation of that domain name.

    The Registry Lock is established indefinitely but registrants need to request its removal to update WHOIS data (the lock does not release from that obligation) or perform other operations concerning the domain name, such as change of delegation, transfer of handling or cancellation of domain name maintenance. The day-to-day handling of .pl Registry Lock is conducted solely by registrars and therefore in case of a need to remove the lock or resolve doubts regarding the service, contact your registrar.