David Goldstein - Changes Mean .TEL Can Now Be Used For Hosting Websites


    The .tel top level domain was one of the more innovative of the legacy gTLDs, that is those that were launched prior to the new gTLDs that launched in 2014.

    It was developed to enable a quick and easy means of allowing people to store their personal contact details online. .tel gave internet users the ability to easily find personal or business information without the need for the registrant to develop a website. However being unique doesn’t mean success. Launched in 2009 it initially did have success and peaked at around 340,000 registrations in 2011, but has now declined to just over 100,000. With the aim of boosting use and registrations, Telnic has relaunched with new policies and now .tel registrants can build their own website, just like with any other domain name.

    Registrants of .tel domain names now also have the option of a new and modernised Telhosting platform that carries on the original intention of storing contact details in the domain name system without the need of developing a website. The new platform has been designed based on extensive community feedback and usage patterns observed with the current system and can be managed using the free iOS and Android apps or via the web through their digital profile. Telnic have provided an example of a digital profile page at The Telhosting platform comes as part of the .tel registration fee.

    Additionally, from 21 June the .tel Registry released thousands of .tel domain names to the public – including many previously unreleased 1 and 2 character domains as well as other premium domain names.