David Goldstein - Canon Continues Transition To Their Own TLD


    There are 538 brands that are making use of their own gTLD according to Dot Brand Observatory, 170 of which are active with 25 in the electronics business. One of these in electronics to be making active use of their gTLD is Canon. Canon recently announced that the next stage of their transition was to move company email addresses that had ended with to make use of their .canon and end with

    In February 2015, Canon Inc., who specialise in the manufacture of imaging and optical products, including cameras, camcorders, photocopiers, printers and medical equipment, attained the rights to the .canon new generic top level domain. In May 2016, they changed the URL of their global website from to The gTLD is gradually being adopted by Canon Group companies around the world. Today there are 31 domain names registered under .canon with 21 active websites.

    Canon believes there are several commercial benefits to using their own gTLD. One of these is that visitors to sites that use .canon can easily confirm their authenticity and be assured that the information they contain is reliable. Additionally, by leveraging the simplicity of the gTLD, which is easy to remember and easy to understand, Canon believes it enhances their global brand value.

    The move to .canon email addresses began on 20 August and will be gradually implemented across Canon Group companies across the world. The result, Canon believes, will be improved communications and an increase in operation efficiency.