David Goldstein - Adult Domain Name Trademark Protection Service Launched for MMX's Adult TLDs


    Minds + Machine (MMX) launched a trademark protection service to allow trademark holders to better protect their naming rights in the adult generic top-level domains the new gTLD company acquired from ICM Registry: .adult, .porn, .sex and .xxx.

    The blocking service will allow trademark holders to, according to MMX, affordably block both exact match terms across all 4 TLDs as well as the many look-alike variations that can be easily generated by bad actors using alternate IDN scripts and homoglyphs to spoof users to visit websites containing malicious code used in phishing and malware scams.

    There are 2 versions of the trademark protection service built on ICM Registry's advanced platform, AdultBlock and AdultBlock+, which lets brand owners block the registration of terms registered in the Trademark Clearinghouse and .XXX Sunrise B holders throughout the entirety of MMX’s adult-related TLD portfolio.

    The AdultBlock service will ensure the registered term will be blocked in all four TLDs and automatically block any dropped names irrespective of the price of the domain name. The AdultBlock+ service goes even further with all the protections of the AdultBlock coupled with the ability to block all look-alike variations that appear confusingly similar to the trademarked term.

    Domain names that are currently registered cannot be blocked. Once a name is deleted or expires, the blocking service will automatically add the domain name to the list of blocked names during the service period without any further actions by the customer. The service allows for one, 3, 5 and 10 year registration periods with a maximum registration period of 10 years for both the AdultBlock and AdultBlock+ service, which also applies to renewals.