Domain Registration: Worldwide!

BrandShelter's domain management service allows the secure, fast and easy management of a global domain portfolio centrally through our easy-to-use domain management portal.

  • Register your domain names around the world.
  • Use our unique domain management application for real-time registrations where possible.
  • Benefit from easy administration, consolidation, and protection of domain portfolios of any size.

Register your domains under all TLDs worldwide!

Worldwide domain registration is essential for brand owners with an international brand presence.

We enable fully automated registrations under more than 1,000 top-level domains and secure, fast and easy management of a global domain portfolio from a single source.

BrandShelter also allows domain registration under registration-restricted ccTLDs independent of the company's business location.

Local presence services - Domain registration in areas with restrictions

Many registries reserve the right to limit domain registrations by applying certain conditions. Registries of country-code top level domains (ccTLDs), for example, often require an element of the whois, such as owner or administrative contact to reflect a local in-country address. Such restrictions mean that a domain can only be registered under this ccTLD if the required condition of a valid local contact can be met.

BrandShelter offers so-called "local presence services" to enable the registration of such domains. We advise each customer individually whether a so-called "trustee" is needed and assume the handling of the trust agreement with our partners.

Trustee or Local Presence Services provided by BrandShelter in many cases allows domain registration under registration-restricted TLDs independent of a company's business location.

Web Interface - Is your domain portfolio distributed among multiple registrars?

Our easy-to-use web interface provides the best way to centrally manage your complete domain portfolio - giving you a good overview of your actual domain assets at a glance.

Our web interface simplifies the processes of domain administration, domain registration, domain transmission, brand management, monitoring and much more.

BrandShelter has integrated features especially for larger companies; features such as user-dependent permissions, permission assignments for different business areas or divisions, market classification by brand or other product segment, and monitoring of corresponding terms.

Let us convince you!

New gTLDs: Turn challenges into opportunities!

In addition to existing TLDs, we provide free non-binding pre-registrations among all new TLDs.



For companies located in the capital of Germany.



A great domain for bloggers across the world.



Build your brand online!



For your music, photos, and data.



The new TLD for your business.



For sharing information.



For online email providers, hosting companies, and customer support.



For experts with authoritative knowledge in a given area.



For your private company in Germany.



For news agencies, newspapers, radio and television stations.



For the best online presence.



For the exchange of views and opinions.



Promoting your .services!



The definitive online shopping address.



For all new webSITEs.



For your online shop.



For technology-based industries.



For enterprises and qualified individuals with a high degree of recognition and excellent reputation.



Truly generic. Infinite Potential.



Anyone can use .xyz for any purpose.