Acquisition service: Acquiring the domains you need

BrandShelter helps you obtain the domains you want and need. Whether the domain is already registered, subject to special regulations, or restricted in some way, let our experts help you.

  • Secure your domains around the globe.
  • Purchase a domain that has already been registered, even anonymously.
  • Allow us to communicate with third parties for you.

Domain purchase – The path to your desired domain

BrandShelter supports its customers in registering their preferred domain, even if it has already been registered by another party.

We can automatically register domains that have been “dropped” (not renewed) by their previous owner using our snapback / backorder services.

BrandShelter personnel can also submit a purchase offer to the current domain owner directly, relieving you of the burden of negotiation. In such cases, customers receive regular status updates and can be involved in the negotiations at any time.

Anonymous purchase - Your desired domain at the best price

BrandShelter's anonymous purchase service allows the buyer of a domain to remain hidden or unrecognized, keeping the price as low as possible.


Our team sends purchase inquiries for the domain by email, phone or fax to the owner on your behalf. Our foreign branches act as prospective buyers to avoid revealing your organization’s interest. 


Upon successful negotiation, the exchange of purchase price and domain will be handled by a trustee or escrow agent. And, by using our Whois Proxy Service, buyer identity protection can persist after purchase and transfer of the domain.